About TCT Pacific Saw Chain

TCT Pacific Chain & Tool Co provides Pacific Tungsten Saw Chain, Conventional Saw Chain and Chainsaw Accessories all over Australia. Originally established in the eighties by Sabre to sell Sabre Saw Chain & Products in Australia and the Pacific Region. Today Sabre chain is no longer available we sell a variety of other premium brands.


TCT Pacific is Australia’s Premier Supplier of Tungsten Saw Chain, Conventional Saw Chain and Chainsaw Accessories; including Carlton, GB, & Oregon & Pacific Saw Chain, Bars & Sprockets – Vallorbe & Vialla Files – Granberg, Tecomec Grinders and Jak Max, Eze Lap, Clogger and Peltor.


Whether you’re dealing with extreme cutting conditions such as hardwood, stump removal, fire wood or ripping, you can’t go past Pacific Tungsten Saw Chain with excellent wear qualities and chain that is easy to sharpen. Diamond file will put the edge back on your chain in no time. For the professional we have the diamond wheels to suit chain grinders or we can supply a grinder and diamond wheel. We also have a a range of 12 volt sharpeners with diamond tips to sharpen your tungsten chain. If these options are not convenient, we also offer a repair and sharpening service in-house with a fast turn around.